How to dress in summer, fashion bloggers share

15/05/2022 administrators

Printed blouses are also one of the popular items this year. Flower patterns can not only be worn as sunscreen clothes, but also a good hand in collocation. With such a long blouse, nothing will look too plain inside. When taking a short blouse, it especially shows long legs.


In summer, lace up items on the back are very popular. Even the same dress with a belt on the back and a bow can make you fashionable in an instant. The painting style is sweeter, more exquisite and more personalized when you go out of the street.


One shoulder shirt and jeans, which are the basic models in themselves, are suitable for any season. The striped shirt and jeans with one shoulder are sweet to match. The upper and lower lines of the striped and color matching combination have a sense of change. High heels show slender legs and are suitable for girls with short hair. In this way, they are fashionable on the street and a little handsome.


In summer, legs are exposed. Of course, shorts are indispensable. For girls of ordinary stature, flat shoes + shorts + blouse are absolutely appropriate to go out of the street! Worried that the black shape is a little dull, use the short sunscreen jacket with printing style to match it, so it's super beautiful to wear to the seaside.

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