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Operation steps:

1.Registered account: click "registration" to fill in the relevant information required for registration.

2.Submit data for account authentication

3.Wait for review, the review is passed, and the register is successful.


1. Register -- Fill in the detailed information-- -agree to the agreement----submit to complete the registration

2. Find a product ---Browse by category or directly search for products

3. Put it in the cart---After the product is placed in the shopping cart, go to the settlement or continue shopping

4. Submit orders----Choose to submit order

5. Check order status---- You can view whether the order has been shipped, where the order has been transported, and the dispatch status

6. Evaluation after receipt---- Goods can be evaluated after receipt confirmation

Many customers may place orders at the same time. This happens occasionally. Please choose other products. If you like this product, you can get the product arrival reminder through the "arrival notice" function on the product page. Purchase again upon arrival

After the goods are added to the shopping cart, the goods are not reserved, and the successful submission of the order shall prevail. does not provide telephone ordering service temporarily. Please log in to to register and place an order by yourself.

If you can't place an order by yourself, please click to see how to place an order?

If you don't have a bbelegant' account, please click Register.

If the goods are in the scheduled status, depending on the seller's specific delivery time, the estimated arrival time will be displayed on some goods pages. If there is no corresponding arrival time prompt, it is recommended that you pay attention to the inventory information on the goods page or give priority to other similar goods in stock.

Place Order

1. Select item [add to cart

2. Click shopping cart - go to settlement

3. Fill in the receipt information and payment, and then click submit order


If "there is a full reduction activity on the commodity page, and the order amount does not change after placing an order", there may be the following situations:

1. The amount of the order does not meet the amount requirements of full reduction activities; 

2. There are commodities in the order that have not participated in the full reduction activity;

3. If none of the above conditions exist, please delete the goods in the shopping cart and log in again to buy.


1. The order information is incomplete;

2. Insufficient or out of stock order goods;

3. The order goods cannot be delivered to the receiving address you filled in. 

4. Network delay

In all the above cases, a prompt message will pop up in the page. You can successfully submit the order by modifying the order information (prompt message) or trying again later.




Steps for filling in the receiving address:

Step 1: log in to and click 【my bbelegant】 in the upper right corner of the home page;

Step 2: click 【account setting】 - 【receiving address 】to enter the address filling page, and then click new receiving address to enter your receiving address.

Warm tip: if you can't choose the corresponding address to submit the order, please consult your friends or family and other addresses where you can deliver the goods. Please don't choose a similar address at will, so as to avoid the wrong selection of distribution area, resulting in the subsequent failure to deliver to you. Thank you for your support and understanding

After adding goods to the shopping cart, click [my shopping cart] in the upper right corner of the bbeleganthome page to enter the shopping cart to query and delete goods.

Confirm The Payment

Online payment: if you choose online payment, please enter "my order", click "payment" and follow the prompts; At present, online payment supports Credit Card payment. 

(Note: for the order to be paid, please complete the payment within 24 hours after the order is submitted, otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled) 


Electronic invoice has the legal effect of after-sales rights protection and can be used for unit reimbursement.

The goods in bbelegant's mall are guaranteed in quality. Please contact the Customer service personnel of the goods for the invoice.



24 Hours after the order is completed, you can check whether the invoice is sent to your email and contact the Customer service personnel for details.



After you sign for payment, you can accept the goods on the spot. If there are problems with the goods, please submit an application for return and exchange in "my bbelegant" and professional after-sales personnel will solve them for you.

The delivery information will be updated after the order is issued.

If the order has not updated the logistics information for a long time when the spot goods have exceeded the delivery time, please contact the customer service for handling.

If the receiving and distribution personnel have not left, please contact the customer service personnel immediately;

If the delivery personnel have left, please directly submit the after-sales application form and professional after-sales staff will handle it for you.

The bbelegant platform will depend on the situation. When you reach a certain number of times, you will be pulled into our blacklist and cannot buy goods on our platform.


1. Click my order to find the order to be evaluated / published.

2. Click order status [evaluation] and operate according to the prompt

The customer can make the first evaluation and list of the purchased goods within 60 days after the completion of the order, evaluate the goods and services within 90 days, make additional evaluation within 180 days (except for some special categories), and reply to the evaluation of all goods in the mall at any time.

Hello, there are time limits for the first evaluation and additional evaluation. You can make your first comment on the product within 60 days after the completion of the product order. If the content of the first evaluation meets the bbelegant reward rules, you will get the corresponding bbelegant reward. If you don't make a comment within 60 days, the system will automatically match the praise, but you can still make an additional comment on the goods 180 days after the order is completed. When publishing additional comments within 90 days after the order is completed, you can choose whether to modify the stars automatically matched by the system. If you modify it, the system will display it according to your modified content.

Since the list drying and evaluation reflect the user's real views on the commodity and play an important reference role for other users, and also to ensure the fairness and impartiality of bbelegant's new and old users, it is impossible to modify the list drying or evaluation.

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