Payment Services

1.How to use online banking?

Go to select a credit card to pay and click to use the new card

1.1 How to use checkout closing

(a) Registered account

(b) Associate your bank card or account

(c) Payment by checkout

(d) Receive mail receipt

We will execute your order

2.I have paid for the order but order is still 'awaiting payment' in bbelegant.

2.1 If you have waited more than normal payment receiving timeline, please double check if your order has been modified or closed. Payment cannot be processed with below scenarios:

(a)Price has been changed by platform for your order

(b)Order has been cancelled by yourself

(c)Order has been closed by system automatically

(d)In this case, refund will be processed to you once payment receive.

3.Why the order status shows "Payment being verified" after payment?

(1)Payment has been received in our system for this order. To ensure payment safety, there will be a payment verification process which takes no longer than 24 hours. Please wait patiently and check status of your order later.

(2)Successful verification will help update the order status to "Awaiting Shipment". After order status updates, the platform will be preparing the shipment.

(3)Unsuccessful verification breeds a closed order. Payment will be returned to your credit card which you used to pay for this order, normally you will receive the refund in 10-20 days.

4.How do I place and pay for the order?

To place an order on bbelegant, please take below steps:

Step 1. Search for the product name on the landing page;

Step 2. Filter the searching result and find an appropriate product;

Step 3. Choose the Size, Color and Shipping Method on the product page, and tap Buy Now to place your order.

Step 4. Provide shipping address;

Step 5. Select a method for payment-enter the payment information, card info. for instance- Click "Confirm";

Step 6. Click "Place Order".

Meanwhile, to purchase multiple items at one time, you can tap Add to Cart and combine the orders on your shopping cart.

Please contact the customer service if you want to know more information about the product.

5.How to solve payment issues?

If there is payment errors, you may follow the suggestions as below to solve the problem:

a.Insufficient funds in card or account of payment.

Please top up your account for payment again or use another card/method instead.

b.Rejected by bank or financial institution, only from whom the detailed reason for rejection can be confirmed.

You may contact your bank to get detailed information or use another card/method instead.

c.Card is not supported/Incorrect information of card

Please double check if you have input correct information of card for payment. If you got error after double checking, please pay through another card/method instead.

d.Incomplete information of the order.

Check if name in the shipping address has been filled in correctly; correct & complete information is required.

e.Expiry date of card is wrong or the card is expired.

Please try again with correct expiry date or contact your bank for help. Besides, you may use another card/methods instead.

f.Something wrong with the card information.

Please check and input correct card information.

g.This card is restricted by bank.

Please confirm with bank to get resolve the problem, or use another card/methods instead.

h.Currency selected for this payment is not supported.

Please change to USD or other currencies to try again.

i.Exceeding limit of your card or bank account.

Please modify limit of your card or bank account and try again. Besides, you may use another card/methods instead.

6.How do I make payment?

Step 1.Find a product -Select size, color & quantity etc.

Step 2.Provide shipping address;

Step 3.Select a method for payment-enter the payment information, card info.

Step 4.Apply coupon if any-Click "Place Order".


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