Account Login Security

1. How to set the login password more secure?

1.1 The password consists of 8-20 digits and letters (letters are case sensitive)

1.2 If you set the following passwords with lower security, the system will remind you to change the passwords to ensure security:

(a) All are composed of numbers;

(b) All are composed of letters;

(c) Same as the user name or mailbox;

1.3. Change the password regularly and keep a record of it so as not to forget it.

2.What should I do if I cannot log in to my bbelegant account?

If you cannot log in to your bbelegant account, there may be the following situations:

(a) Please check whether the login name and password are correct;

(b) If there is no problem with the login name and password, please contact the customer service staff directly for you

3.I've forgotten my password, what should I do?

(a) Click "Please login" at the top of bbelegant homepage to enter the login page;

(b) Click "Forgot Password" to enter the "Retrieve Password" page

4.What should I do if I forget my account or nickname?

If you forget your account or nickname, please contact bbelegant Online or telephone customer service staff to handle it for you.


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